1. Who’s candidate for chiropractic care?

Ans: Anyone with a spine silly!  Our bodies are put through physical, mental/emotional, environmental stress everyday, and because of that our bodies react to these various stresses all the time. Our bodies react a number of ways, which could include (but not limited to) spasming, adhesions, subluxations (bones out of place), etc... As chiropractors, we calm the spasms, break up adhesions, and set the bones back in place to provide relief from the pains of your stresses.

2. What’s that noise?

Ans: That noise you’re hearing is gas being released from your joints. As a lay person when you "pop" or "crack" your back/neck/fingers, you’re just releasing gas from you joints, which is fine because it gives you relief, for a short time. As a chiropractor, not only are we giving you relief while releasing the gas in your joints, but we’re also moving the bones into their proper position. By doing this, it addresses the issues at hand, and hopefully rids you of your pain/discomfort for good.

3. How long will it take to fix me?

Ans: We don’t know just yet. There has to be a thorough evaluation performed (to determine the severity of the injury), data collected, and treatment plan executed in order for us to get a sense of your problem. With many of the injuries we see in our office, we recommend that you follow our treatment plans to get the best results. Our office has an average treatment plan of 4-8 visits.

4. Do I need to go to the chiropractor for the rest of my life?

Ans:This is one of the biggest myths about chiropractic.  The answer is simple: "YES" and "NO", "YES" because many people see chiropractic as a lifestyle change.  Once the body starts feeling the way it’s suppose to feel, many people notice immediately when they need to get adjusted again, because they "just don’t feel right without it".  And "NO", because it’s not mandatory to be pain free, but it is recommended that you stop in and get your spine checked at least once a month. Besides, nobody can make you do what you don’t want to do.


Characterized as:  tenderness, numbing, aching , tingling, loss of strength, lack of coordination, and others…Repetitive Strain Injury can develop within weeks after symptoms appear, or even years.  The more serious RSIs will have symptoms that are more intense, experienced more frequently, or lasting longer with each occurrence.

Symptoms may present in any order, or at any stage in the development of the RSI.  This means that the symptoms may not appear immediately following the activity that’s causing the problem.  Also, the area of discomfort may not even be the area where your pain began.

There are a number of ways that RSIs present themselves.  Most RSIs either cause biomechanical (the way the body moves) dysfunction, or are caused by biomechanical dysfunction.  Either way, these causes are friction, pressure, tension, weak and tight soft tissue, decreased circulation, adhesion, and cellular hypoxia (lack of oxygen to soft tissue).

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Chiro Parties is an idea that we at Smith Family and Sports Chiropractic came up with to educate the public about chiropractic and to have fun at the same time. Who doesn’t enjoy a good party??? Now let’s sprinkle a little chiropractic education and we can get this party “POPPIN’”!!! ? 
What this party needs is a party host, who will provide the venue, a great personality, food and more people with great personalities. In exchange the host will be the most popular person amongst their family and friends?

What is the purpose?: To educate the host and family/friends about chiropractic…what it is and what it is not, and to answer any questions regarding chiropractic (i.e. “Do you have to go the rest of your life?”, “What’s the popping noise?”, “Can’t you get arthritis from ‘popping’ your bones?”, etc.) 
What’s in it for me to host this party?: The host receives two FREE chiropractic visits at the office, plus 1 free chiropractic treatment demonstration at the party for all of your family and friends to experience with you. 

What do the attendees get?: At these parties, attendees will receive chiropractic care at a discounted rate (depending on the number of attendees). If the attendees are not comfortable with getting treatment at the party, the same discounted rate would apply to their first visit at our office. 

How long will this take?: The presentation would be approximately 15 mins. The Q & A session, all depends on the audience. 

Who will conduct this event?: Dr. D. Lamont Smith (chiropractor) will be conducting the chiropractic portion of these parties. (See bio on this website) 
How to schedule a Chiro Party: Simply call our office to see what dates are available, we will put the invitations together and get them to you, so that you can provide your guest with the invite. 

Thank you in advance and we look forward to having a great time at your Chiro Party!!!

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Sciatica is a common form of back pain, referring to pain that radiate down to the buttocks, or even past that area to the back of the leg.  This is a very uncomfortable and painful feeling.  There is a nerve, called the SCIATIC NERVE.  The sciatic nerve is commonly entrapped by adhesions of the sciatic nerve.  Often the entrapments are between the hamstrings, superior gemellus (where the nerve passes through), and the piriformis muscle (where the nerve passes under or through).


Neck stiffness can be caused by a variety of things…including, but not limited to, trauma, everyday activities, or “sleeping wrong”.  Whatever it is, the body is responding to an abnormality within itself.  The muscles of the body act as a protective mechanism that reacts to various stresses on the body.  These stresses can present in the form of a severe trauma (i.e. motor vehicle accident), a light trauma (i.e. bumping of the head), emotional stresses, chemical stresses (i.e. food we ingest), etc…  All of these stresses can contribute to reactions of the muscles in the neck contracting, causing stiffness.


Back pain is a common ailment that many experience each day.  The causes are endless…everything from strenuous activity to “it just happened”.  Studies have shown that low back pain account for most emergency room visits.  During these visits patients are given muscle relaxers and/or anti-inflamatories.  Medications are great for short-term relief but does nothing for attacking the real issue.

If you’re experiencing muscle spasms, or repetitive stress/strain injuries, which in most cases is the real issue (minus a major traumatic accident).  The issue is that muscles act as a protective mechanism…muscles spasm, to prevent you from causing more damage to your body.  Spasming is a good thing because provide protection for us…but on the other hand it’s definitely not comfortable and often painful.
A muscle spasm will present as a throbbing sensation, stiffness, or “I just woke up with it…” feeling.  Spasms can last anywhere from seconds to months, sometimes even years.  The stronger those spasms are, and the longer you let them go on, the longer it will probably take to achieve normalcy.

Repetitive stress/strain injuries occur when you’re performing a task or an activity that requires you to do the same motions/movements, over and over again.  What happens is that your body is starting to see these motions/movements as the “new norm” for your body, and your body begins to transform.  Here’s where your problem will be…once you stop performing that particular activity, and your body wants to do “normal” things, it’s difficult for the body to adapt because adhesions have set in, making it difficult to move with the proper range of motion and comfort.

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Tennis Elbow (medical term is lateral epicondylitis) is a painful condition that involves the outer portion of the elbow.  It occurs with repetitive motion, and is accompanied with inflammation and irritation to the extensor tendons of the forearm, which are involved with bending the wrist backwards.  These tendons are susceptible to small tears when exposed to repetitive actions.
With Tennis Elbow some of the repetitive activities include those that involve turning the hand palm side up, or lifting objects with your elbow in full extension.  A few symptoms that you’ll experience with Tennis Elbow are numbing when shaking hands, numbing while turning a door knob, numbing while pushing off of something, or numbing while turning your wrist from a palm up to a palm down motion.  Sometimes these numbing sensations can be crippling for a few minutes at a time.  Numbing can also be accompanied by some tingling sensations.

Knee pain is often the result of a combination of environmental, physiological, and physical factors.  It can include (but not limited to) repetitive motions, muscular imbalances, tendonitis, ligamentous injuries, meniscus injuries,  IT band Syndrome, and Osgood-Schlatter Disease.  If left untreated, these conditions can often lead to ongoing cycles of biomechanical imbalances, which eventually lead to chronic pain and degeneration of the knee.  These discomforts will also “trickle” up to the hip, low back, shoulder and neck.

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Frozen Shoulder is, essentially, a loss of movement of the shoulder.  It is a painful, restrictive condition that affects any and all activities that you do, from day to day.  You have trouble raising your arm above you head, behind your back, or across your body.

It is unknown how Frozen Shoulder comes about, but it usually happens after a trauma or surgery, where scar tissues builds and inflammation presents around the joint capsule…leaving little to no room for the upper portion of the arm to move.